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In the early 1990s, economic exchanges across the Taiwan Strait were gradually restored under the reform and opening up policy. With its resources, labor and market, the Chinese mainland was attracting enormous interest from Taiwan’s entrepreneurs. The island quickly became the second biggest source of investment for the coastal city of Fuzhou.


But the enthusiasm of Taiwanese investors soon cooled when they were confronted with the daunting approvals process. In 1990, Xi Jinping took up a leadership position in Fuzhou. After carefully studying the situation, he proposed the adoption of a new spirit – Do It Now.


The local government’s new policy unleashed Fuzhou’s potential. From 1990 to 1995, the city’s GDP shot up to over 40 billion yuan from less than 10 billion yuan, far outstripping the national average growth rate. Fuzhou was soon recognized as a major boom town.


Twenty years on, the Fuzhou government remains committed to the policy of “Do It Now.”


In Xi’s own words


Right now we’re faced with lots of problems


for which there’s no lack of proper solutions.


What it takes is the will to get things done.


That’s why I insist on action,

理论、方针、政策部署都有了, 由谁去落实?

which is essential in implementing our theories, guidelines and policies.


Effective implementation is the key to success.


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